When Should You Hire A Bookkeeper?

Here at Chromium Bookkeeping in Peterborough, we want to meet new business and get involved in the community. We are keen to meet like minded people and offer support to those starting out in the world of small and start-up businesses.

Lots of small business owners will try and save money by managing their bookkeeping themselves to start with, this takes up really important time that can be used for better areas of the business. Generally speaking the sooner you use the services of a bookkeeper the better as the longer you leave it the bumpier the transition will be when handing your accounts over to your bookkeeper.

It’s a really good idea to bring a bookkeeper into your business at the beginning so everything is set up properly and then meet up with the bookkeeper every quarter as a minimum to touch base and ensure the books are looking as you expect. You can use your bookkeeper as a business consultant; they should be as much of a part of your business as possible.

Having a bookkeeper look at your books throughout the year can be really beneficial, it means that large errors that may have been found at the end of year can be found as smaller problems along the way that are quick and easy to fix.

A bookkeeper can set up your books correctly from the start and this can make a massive impact on your measurement of business and growth of business. Your books are often referred to as the pulse of your business and a bookkeeping service can expand beyond the basic cash management – if you let it.

Here at Chromium Bookkeeping in Peterborough we care about our clients, we love seeing a small or start-up business grow as we know that they could be our biggest client in the future if we support them in the right way.

When should you hire a bookkeeper for your small business? As soon as you can!

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