Credit Control

Credit Control is often forgotten about, or left to one side as it’s not seen as being as important as other jobs, such as getting orders out, getting new customers etc...

In fact, Credit control is one of the most important jobs for any company.
Without it, cash-flow can be massively effected and may also result in bad debts. If money is not collected from customers, how are you able to pay suppliers.

That is where I come in. As a credit controller with over 10 years experience, I will chase all debt, however big or small, and your customers need never know that your company is using an outside source. Debt chasing letters will only have your logo on, and be signed off by me as credit controller for your company.

This gives you and your colleagues time to get on with the other important jobs, getting orders out, getting new customers etc. Let me worry about the credit control so you don’t have to.

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